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Energy, “The ability to do work”

From lighting up our cities to powering our cars on the way to work in the morning, energy is what makes this world work. Not only do we use energy for external purposes, we use energy within our bodies as well. When we consume food, our body breaks down this food to use as fuel for our bodies. Whether it is running, walking or simply picking up something off the floor, energy is being used. We use energy in our everyday lives…

  • Turning on the stove to cook dinner.
  • Flipping on a switch to light up our bedroom.
  • Turning the key in the ignition to power up our car engines to drive to work or school.
  • Playing video games or watching our favorite T.V. shows.
  • Keeping our homes warm in the winter time or cool in the summer time.
  • Writing a paper for school on our computers.

Tips for saving energy…

  1. Don’t leave your T.V. on standby, turn off your television by the power button.
  2. Recycling plastic, cans and newspapers can save energy.
  3. When it’s warm outside and windy, hang up your wet clothes on a clothes line to dry them instead of using your dryer machine.
  4. Make sure to turn off your lights as you leave your home.
  5. Let the sun light up your room instead of a lamp.
  6. If you’re cold, instead of turning up the heat on the thermostat, throw on a sweatshirt or a Snuggie to keep you warm.
  7. Take a bike, walk or bus to school to conserve energy.


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